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Hey! It's me, Karlee!

I’m the gal behind the brightly colored coffee cozies and handmade goodies.


Did you know? A friend came up with the name Maiden Hands. If you haven’t caught on its “made in hands” (aka Michigan) with a womanly twist. 

I’ve lived in Michigan all my life. I guess that makes me a true Michigander, right? I grew up in a tiny town called Hart. If you’re traveling US 31 through Michigan you’ll pass by this little sliver but you might recognize, the Silver Lake Sand dunes, which is right next to Hart. It’s a Michigan landmark you don’t want to miss. Or maybe you’ve already heard of it, so you know where I’m from.

I moved to Grand Haven in 2010 where I met my husband of 9 years now. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and a minor in marketing, which has really come in handy with my hobby and small business. It took some time but with the help of my boss, yes I also work a full time job, we branded Maiden Hands and that took my hobby to the next level.

I’ve always been interested in learning to crochet because my mom and grandmother make the most beautiful afghans. I’ve always wanted to carry on the crochet craft through another generation. My mom taught me to crochet while I on maternity leave, with my daughter who is 6 now and I finally got the hang of it! About a year after I learned to crochet people started asking for hats and scarves and I decided to start selling them. The business venture didn’t really take off until about 2014 when I started sharing the items I made online. I love creating and just can’t seem to put down my crochet hook.

My hobby is very part-time, or as part time as it can be. When I am not at my full-time job or crocheting I am keeping up with my kiddo and trying to cram in a date night with my hubby.

The creative in me has so many more ideas ready to be planted when the time is right. It definitely helps make crocheting an adventure!

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