Crochet Pattern Book Printables

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Today, I am releasing the Pattern Book Printable Sheets right here! The set comes with 3 sheets; a cover sheet, a section sheet and an index sheet. All 3 coordinate and work well with a standard size binder. All 3 will help you organize your crochet patterns, knit patterns or fabric patterns.


What you will need:

1. Binder. Pick a size to fit your collection of patterns.

2. Printed Sheets. Link below.

3. Divider Sheets. Mine are numbered 1-9.

4. Whole Punch & Pen

I’m all about organization and the pattern sheets do just that! My patterns were a pile of unorganized chaos (not pretty whatsoever) and took time to sort through whenever I would look for a specific hat pattern, garment pattern, etc. The Pattern Book Sheets cleaned up my collection of patterns and saves a lot of time.

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Here’s how I went about organizing my pattern book:

1. Once I decided on categories/sections i.e. hats, garments, kitchen, baby, blankets for the patterns I have, the rest was easy.

2. I assigned a number to each category/section in alphabetical order. For example: Garments 1, Kitchen 2, Baby 3, etc.

3. I punched holes in each pattern.

4. Then, I wrote the pattern name and designer name and section # (or their website, social media name) on the Index sheet.

5. Then, I sorted them into the section they belonged too.

That’s it!

Now it’s time to grab your sheet and get organized! Download the free Pattern Book Sheets and get started.

I hope you enjoy the sheets and getting organized. Please feel free to share how you’re using the pattern book sheets on your social media. Tag Maiden Hands and #maidenhands.

Stay creative!