FREE Crochet Hook Chart

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It’s my birthday! To celebrate my special day I wanted to give YOU a gift! 

First, I want to let you in on a little secret: I’ve never had an easy time giving gifts. I always tried really hard to pick out or make the perfect gift and then the entire process became so stressful I lost the joy of giving. 

This year at my full time job we’ve been focusing on Intentionality and it’s spreading into all areas of my life, which is pretty cool. With that, I’ve been more intentional about gift giving and getting back to the joy giving gifts brings those receiving the gift. I’ve spent time reflecting on making others feel special, loved and thought how cool to use my graphic design talents while expanding my Maker Biz Worksheets to help other crocheters and crochet designers.



About Maker Biz Sheets

The mission behind my Maker Biz Worksheets has always been to simplify, organize and assist with different tasks handmade business owners do every day, for example: managing orders and wholesale orders, planning and tracking social media, keeping up on inventory and supply stock; just to name a few. I love being able to help makers be a little more organized! The Maker Biz Sheets do just that!

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maker-worksheet, digital-downloads, crochet-work-sheet, crochet-hooks

One of the things I look up often that is directly related to crocheting are hook sizes! Some of my hook just have letters and my handmade hooks aren’t labeled. So, instead of guessing or taking precious minutes to look it up I designed the Crochet Hook Chart with a reference to US, Canada and United Kingdom hook sizes. There’s also a spot to fill in what sizes you already have. I plan to tuck my chart into my purse so I always know what sizes I have when I shop for new hooks.

Also included on the chart is:

A spot to notate the designer or maker of your hooks. I think this will be useful for beginners just learning their hook preference as well as experienced crocheters that start to see hooks they prefer.

Extra places for larger hook sizes. Or include unique hook sizes that were mentioned on the sheet already. 

Tip! (A small added bonus)

As I designed the Crochet Hook Chart I realized how it can be helpful for crochet pattern designers, too! The chart can be an easy reference to be able to include hook sizes for the UK and Canada. Bonus! 


I hope you enjoy the chart and it adds a little convenience to your crochet world! Now go download your very own Crochet Hook Chart sheet!