Free Soap Sack Crochet Pattern

crocheted soap sack

The Sunrise Soap Sack is here! I am so excited to be releasing this pattern! And for so many reasons. I love bringing you all patterns that you can make, sell and enjoy. I also love designing with other crocheters in the maker community, but this pattern came with something extra that means a lot to me. I’ll tell you all about it:

The soap sack pattern was inspired by the non-profit Soap S.A.C.K. which stands for Supporting a Community with Kindness. When I happened up the founder, Stacy’s mission and how she filled a need I never even realized, I was inspired. I immediately wanted to help spreading the word of this mission.

So, I created the Sunrise Soap Sack pattern for free. My biggest hope is that crocheters in our big community will be inspired to make and give, share the pattern and continue spreading the Soap S.A.C.K. mission to help the homeless, veterans, women in transition and more. 

Visit to read more about it. 

soap sacks, crocheted soap sacks

"Our vision is to inspire communities of volunteers around the world to crochet/knit, collect and donate soap sacks to their local food pantries, homeless centers, veterans clinics, social service agencies and relief efforts."

– Stacy Wiener, Founder of Soap S.A.C.K.

Sunrise Soap Sack Crochet Pattern



  • 4.5 MM Crochet Hook
  • 50 Yards DK (weight 4) Cotton Yarn

                Alternative: Weight 3 Cotton Blend Yarn

  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle

GAUGE: 2”x 2” square | 8 SC x 7 rows



CH – Chain

HDC – Half Double Crochet

SC – Single Crochet

SK – Skip

ST – Stitch


CH 1 counts as a stitch in row total.

CH 2 counts as 2 stitches in row total. This is unlike traditional patterns where these stitches might count as an HDC.

Row stitch count is important to keep straight edges.

The 1st HDC of Row 3 and Row 4 is placed in the last HDC of the previous row.

Gauge is not critical.

The pattern is designed with a rectangular body, then assembly, then a simple cord to cinch your soap sack closed.

To make a larger sack add odd number of stitches and additional repeats of rows 1 – 4.


Lying flat, before assembly the finished soap sack measures approx. 6.75” W x 8” H.

Once assembled the soap sack is 4” W x 6.75” H.



Make a slip knot, CH 26, turn. (26)


1. SC 25 starting in 2nd ST from hook, CH 2, turn. (27)


2. HDC 25, CH 2, turn. (27)




3. * 1 HDC, CH 1, SK ST, Repeat from * ending with 1 HDC in the last ST (which is the last CH of the previous row) for a total of 14 HDC and 13 CH. CH 2, turn. (30)




4. * 1 HDC, CH 1, SK ST, Repeat from * ending with 1 HDC in the last ST from the previous row,

for a total of 14 HDC and 13 CH, CH 1, turn. (28)




5. – 25. Repeat rows 1-4, 5 times for a total of 24 rows. 

soap sack reference photo

Left-handed representation of Row 3 & Row 4.


Fold your work by bringing the bottom up to the top, turn your work, SC your HDC row to the
first CH row. (25) Place 2 SC in the corner, continue going around the side, placing approximately 10 SC to close up the bottom. Tie off and weave in the end.

Turn your work inside out. Push the corners outward.


Leave a 2” tail, make a slip knot and CH 35-40, or desired length, tie off leaving a 2” tail. Weave in and out of the spaces between the HDC repeats and SC/HDC repeats. Pull tight and tie in a bow. Your Sunrise Soap Sack is complete!  

Please remember, all photos are property of Maiden Hands. You do not have permission to distribute the pattern contents, elements, or photos therein. You do have permission to sell your finished products. I only ask that you credit Maiden Hands as the designer.

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