Northern Trivet Crochet Pattern

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I designed the Northern Trivet with simplicity in mind. I love quick crochet patterns as well as adding fiber and texture to my home decor, so I kept these things in mind when adding rounds to the design. The Norther Trivet is versatile and can be used under a potted plants, tea pot or as wall decor.

I hope you enjoy the Norther Trivet Crochet Pattern. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. I am happy to chat about the pattern and answer any questions.

If you prefer a printed pattern with step by step photo instructions you can find the PDF version of the Northern Trivet on my Ravelry.

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• 5.5 MM Crochet Hook
• 60 yards of Hobby Lobby I love this cotton yarn or 3.5 weight cotton yarn
• Yarn Needle
• Scissors
• Leather Tag (optional)

1”x 1” square | 5 SC x 7 rows

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner – Intermediate

PS – Puff Stitch
SC – Single Crochet
SK – Skip
ST- Stitch


CH1 and SLST count in stitch totals for each round. CH1 in the puff stitch counts in stitch count for each round.

Wrap yarn around hook, insert hook pull up a loop, wrap yarn around hook, repeat 3 times. (10 loops around hook) Wrap yarn around hook and pull through all loops, CH 1 to close.

Laying flat the finished trivet measures approximately 7” across & 8” with the loop.

CH 3, SLST into 1st SC to make a circle. Keep the SLST loose. (4) I find this technique works better with puff stitches than a magic circle.

Round 1. 6 PS into circle, SLST to top of the 1st PS (18)

Round 2. 2 PS into spaces between each PS from the previous round for a total of 12 PS, SLST to top of 1st PS (25)

Round 3. CH1, 1 SC in each CH1 around, for a total 24 SC, SLST to top of 1st CH. (26)

Round 4. PS in each ST around for a total of 24 PS, SLST to top of 1st PS. (49)

Round 5. *1 PS in 1st 3 spaces between PS from previous round, 2 PS in 4th space. Repeat from * for a total of 28 PS, SLST to top of first PS. (55)

Round 6. CH1, SC in each stitch around, SLST to top of 1st SC. (57)

Round 7. * PS1, SK 1, repeat from * around for a total of 28 PS, SLST to top of PS. (56)

Round 8. CH 1, *SC 1 into 1st CH from previous round, SC 2 in top of PS from previous round. Repeat from *
around ending with 1 SC, SLST to top of CH 1. (88)

Do not cut yarn.

Loop: Row 1. 10, SK 3, SC into 4th SC of previous row. Flip your work.

Row 2. SC 1 into the edge of the trivet and along the outside of the loop. SC 1 into 5th CH of trivet to secure the loop to the edge of the trivet. (12)

Finishing: Cut yarn and weave in ends. Optional: Add a leather tag to edge of your trivet.

That’s it! I can’t wait to see your finished trivets and how you use them in your home. Please share your finished products with me by tagging Maiden Hands on Instagram and Facebook. Use #northerntrivet as well!

Your maker friend, Karlee

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