Soft and Cozy Face Scrubby Crochet Pattern

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The Soft and Cozy Face Scrubby crochet pattern is finally here! I am so excited to bring you another simple and free pattern. In true Maiden Hands fashion this pattern is a quick make and is a great way to de-stash your light weight yarn stock. I found that finished scrubby make great gifts and items to sell at shops or markets. Get your hook and yarn ready and keep scrolling for the free pattern.

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MATERIALS you will need:
• 4.5 MM Crochet Hook
• Scissors
• 18 Yards of Lion Brand Coboo Yarn or Weight 3 Yarn
• Yarn Needle

1”x 1” square | 5 SC x 7 rows


PS – Puff Stitch
SC – Single Crochet
SK – Skip
ST- Stitch


CH1 and SLST count in stitch totals for each round.

The pattern goes in a continuous round without chaining up each row.

Wrap yarn around hook, insert hook pull up a loop, wrap yarn around hook, repeat 3 times. (10 loops around hook) Wrap yarn around hook and pull through all loops, SC to close.

Laying flat the finished face scrubby measures approximately 3.5” across.

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Start by making a magic circle. SC to secure the circle.

Round 1. SC 11 in to the circle. Pull tail to tighten the circle as you go. SLST to 1st CH (12)

Round 2. CH 1, SK 1st SC space, PS into each stitch around except for the last SC for a total of 10 PS. SLST to top of 1st PS to close. (12)

Round 3. CH1, SC 20, SLST to close. (22)

Round 4. CH1, PS 20, SLST to close. (22)

Round 5. CH1, SC 40, SLST to close. (42)

Round 6. CH1, SC in same ST, SC 2, * 2 SC in same stitch, SC 3, repeat from *. SLST to close. (52)

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Photo By: Valerie Landrum

Tie off and tighten the magic circle. Weave in ends to finish your scrubby. That’s it!

I hope you enjoy making crocheted face scrubbies as much as I do! Please share your finished scrubbies with us by tagging @maidenhands and using #softcozyfacescrubby.

All photos are property of Maiden Hands. You do not have permission to distribute the pattern contents, elements or photos therein. You do have permission to sell your finished products. I only ask that you credit Maiden Hands as the designer.