How it all happened:

There was a 5 day stretch at the beginning of February that I was ‘snowed in’ a.k.a. refused to leave the warmth of my home to brave the polar vortex. Somewhere in the middle of that 5 day stretch the urge to do a yarn buster project popped in my head. I knew I wanted to make something with bright fun colors and then the idea grew into making a mandala design.

I started my search on Pinterest for mandala patterns but kept coming up short because the patterns I found were for doilies and not meant for worsted weight yarn, which is my entire stash. Then, I was talking to my maker friend, Jenna with A-Cute Design and she says, “write your own pattern!” I knew that’s exactly what I was going to do. Thanks for the awesome idea, Jenna!

Before writing the pattern, I wanted to decide on my colors. I have a love hate relationship with choosing colors. I turned to Pinterest once again to search for color inspiration. Check out my Color Inspiration Board for additional color combinations. I went with an underwater scene that reminded me of a more tropical place (anything to escape the -20 temperatures).

I dug through my yarn bins and shouldn’t have been surprised that I found every color on the swatch inspiration. I added one color to round out the selection.

color-inspiration, crochet-pattern-color-inspiration, crochet-blog, color-palette

The process of writing the pattern taught me a lot but asking complete strangers to test my very first crochet pattern taught me so much more. I stepped outside my comfort zone and feel so lucky, rewarded and inspired. My testers gave me feedback with detail on suggestions as well as the meaning for the suggestions.


I was so surprised and fell in love with each of the mandala designs they sent me. Plus, their photos were beautiful too. To see my pattern come to life with someone else’s color choices made one happy pattern designer. I had no idea how rewarding the pattern writing experience would be. To spread just a small part of that joy to you I’m sharing The Mandala Yarn Stash Buster Pattern for free below.


If you’d like your own digital copy, with a little extra detail and ideas of how to use your finished mandalas, it’s $2 on my Etsy & Ravelry. I only ask you tag Maiden Hands and #maidenhandsmandalas when you share your finished design. 

mandala-crochet-pattern, crocheted-mandala



• 5MM/H Crochet Hook

• Scissors

• Worsted Weight Yarn (4-7 colors)

• Yarn Needle

• Sewing Needle

• Thread or Embroidery Floss



CH – Chain

SC – Single Crochet

DC – Double Crochet

HDC – Half Double Crochet

SLST – Slip Stitch



If you choose 4 colors the first 3 colors will repeat in the mandala. The beginning CH STS do not count as a ST. Gauge isn’t important but maintaining appropriate tension will ensure that the finished mandala sits flat. When you switch colors tie together ends of the 1st color of yarn to the 2nd color of yarn as close to the SLST as possible. Leave an inch on each end to weave in later.


Puff Stitch:

YO, pull up a loop (2 loops on hook). YO, insert hook into same ST, YO, pull up a loop, 3x until there are 8 loops on the hook. YO, pull through all 8 loops. CH 1 to close the ST.


Using your first color, CH 3. SLST into first CH to form a loop.


Round 1: CH 2, 11 DC into the loop. SLST into top of first DC (11).

Color Switch


Round 2: CH 2. * 2 DC and CH 1 in each space of previous round. Repeat from *, SLST into the top of 1st DC (32).


Color Switch


Round 3: * SC into middle of DC cluster, 2 SC into CH 1 space. Repeat from * around. SLST into first SC (33).

Color Switch


Round 4: CH 1. *2HDC in next ST, skip next ST. Repeat from * around ending with a single HDC,

SLST to top of first HDC (33).

Color Switch


Round 5: CH 2. *Puff Stitch in gap between first HDC cluster and second HDC cluster from

previous row, 2 puff stitch in next space, repeat from * around. SLST into top of CH 2 (24).

Color Switch


Round 6: CH 1, 2 HDC between every puff stitch. SLST into top of first HDC (50).

Color Switch


Round 7: CH 1, SC in each space around, SLST into top of 1st SC (52). Tie off and then sew in ends.

Attach your finished mandala to a tote bag, jean jacket or make several and sew them together to make a blanket. All photos are property of Maiden Hands. Please do not copy the pattern or reuse the photos as your own. You have permission to sell your finished mandala. I only ask that you credit Maiden Hands as the designer.


I hope you all enjoy the mandala crochet pattern. I’d love to see your finished mandalas so tag Maiden Hands and #maidenhandsmandala when you share on social media.


Thank you again to my amazing testers for all of your help. I couldn’t have done this without you.